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Russian Roulette: Should the Islanders chase Ilya?

Some, most notably, Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan, could not imagine that Lamoriello would want a reunion with the Russian forward. Lou Lamoriello is not stupid enough to sign a guy that quit on him before. Why would the Islanders, who had one of the most prolific top-six forward cores in the league last season, be interested in a 35-year-old who, according to Dreger, hopes to land a two or three-year package, similar to the agreement Patrick Marleau signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer, which averages $6.25 million per year? It makes sense for a few reasons; it also could have disastrous long-term cap ramifications. The NHL is projecting a salary cap between $78M and $82M for next season. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) May 28, 2018 If Tavares leaves the only organization he has known, they’ll need a new high-end forward and money will not be an issue. Kovalchuk sure would look good on Mat Barzal’s line. Thirty-five goals for the 35-year-old is not out of the question. Anthony Beauvillier would move off of Barzal’s wing and center another line. If Plans A, B, or C work , and Tavares returns, is where it could get interesting with the cap, not for the 2018-19 season, but beyond.

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